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        Stainless steel octagonal milling drum
        Detailed Description

            The stainless steel octagonal milling drum is completely made of stainless steel. It's integrated with milling, dust-removal, automatic temperature control, and humidity control. It has the functions of frequency-conversion speed adjusting, automatic / manual control of front and back running, stopping, mist spraying, material feeding, temperature improving / decreasing, humidity increasing / decreasing, numerical control rotation speed, positioned stopping, flexible starting and retarding braking, as well as time-delay start and stop, timer alarm, protection against fault, safety pre-alarming, etc. Especially, the drum door adopts the air cylinder drive to achieve an easy operation and reliable sealing effect. The machine is installed in an integral structure to realize the convenient operation and reliable sealing. It's the ideal product to replace the imported one with the whole installation, stable operation, higher automatization, energy saving, environmental protection and beautiful appearance.

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        Add: 98, west renmin road,sheyang district,yancheng city,Jiangsu province,China.
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