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        Stainless steel round milling drum
        Detailed Description
        The complete automatic stainless steel milling drum developed by our company by introducing advanced techniques is made of imported stainless steel sheets. The whole machine unit has a strong structure. It rotates easily. There is no any weld spot or screw inside the drum. Adopt the most preferred dimensions for scraper blades to achieve a smooth inner side. The utilization of strong wind not only scatters the leathers in the drum so that they are not cohered with each other but also remove away the dusts circularly. It greatly improves the leather's surface luster degree.

        The leather after being processed in this milling drum is greatly different from that processed in wooden or iron drum. The main drive adopts the electromagnetic plane brake motor that is a famous brand product in China and adopts an excellent reduction box. Driven by the tailor-made powerful rubber V-belts, the drum body revolves smoothly without any noise. Long usage life. The dust-collector and the circulating air duct are all made of stainless steels to prevent any rust and to reduce down resistance. The temperature's raise and drop are respectively realized through heating the circulating air by stainless steel layer-clustered electronic pipes and through opening the valve to discharge heat. The increase of humidity is realized by a stainless steel steam-liquid nozzle's intermittent spraying controlled by a solenoid valve.

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        Add: 98, west renmin road,sheyang district,yancheng city,Jiangsu province,China.
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