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        Warmly congratulate Yancheng Shibiao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. company website! Chinese | English
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        Video: an interview with Yancheng world standard leather machinery general manager Wu Dayong
        2014/8/20 Reading times[9461]
        Video: an interview with Yancheng world standard leather machinery general manager Wu Dayong
        Huicong shoes hearing in May 30th, with the first in Asia footwear exhibition called the twenty-second Guangzhou international footwear, leather and industrial equipment exhibition opened in Guangzhou Pazhou complex. Vice chairman, China Leather Association, the China leather and footwear Research Institute president Yang Chengjie, Guangdong Footwear Manufacturers Association President He Guiling, Guangzhou Footwear Manufacturers Association President Chen Jiawen, ocean shores Melco Investment Group Chairman Liu Suilong, Xian Hui exhibition company chairman Xie Zhaozhong, Huicong leather shoes and network general manager Du Zhiqin attended the opening ceremony. As the leather footwear industry the authority of the media, Hui Cong net / shoe leather on the show during the interview.
        The exhibition after 22 years of market and customer accumulation, to create a high standard and high reputation of the brand. 2012 companies show enthusiasm and higher than in previous years for participating in the hand. It is understood that in this exhibition, the emergence of some high quality, excellent products and enterprises, Huicong network / shoe leather to these outstanding production enterprises interview.
        The following is a reporter to interview Yancheng Shibiao Leather Machinery Co. Ltd. General Manager Wu Dayong interview video:


        About Us

        Yancheng Shibiao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Former named Yancheng City Panhuang Leather machinery Plantset up in 1982) was reformed its ownership system to be a private enterprise in 1996. The company lies in Yancheng City in the coastal area of the Yellow Sea in Northern Jiangsu. Yancheng City is a boom industrial town in eastern coastal area in Jiangsu, a memorial place where the New Fourth Army rebuilt its military headquarter, and a tourism city of natural scene of coastal beaches and wetlands. Economic development zone,Sheyang district,Yancheng.
        The company provides Overloading wooden drums (the same as the newest one in Italy /Spain), GJOB1-2 series haning wooden drums, iron drums, Y-shape stainless steel automatic drum, full-automatic stainless steel round, octagonal milling drums, PP dyeing drum, HC series paddles, stainless steel test drums and many other leather machinery products all the year round. Products are sold well in Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, Fujian, Henan, Hebei, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Liaoning, and other areas. And they are popular with many leather factories all over the country such as in Africa, Asia, South-America, Middle-America . The products have been successively passed provincial tests and the test by National Leather & Shoe Machinery Quality Testing and Supervision Center. The products have been awarded the Silver Prize on China High- and New- Technology & New- Products Exhibition in year of 2010. The products' parts: The steel-cored nylon-plastic drum posts, have been obtained the national patent right. At the same time, the company provides many services including design of leather machineries with special specifications, repair and adjustment of equipment, and technical reform. The company has established complete testing system and reliable after-sale services.
        For a long time, Yancheng Shibiao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Has always been guided by the principle of seeking existence by quality, seeking development by service, and the good reputation is the aim. Sincerely welcome customers old and new to come for a business cooperation and welcome friends from all social circles to give guidance!

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        Add: 98, west renmin road,sheyang district,yancheng city,Jiangsu province,China.
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